Creators of artistic dream rock, Oracle Sisters make music that is at once sonically soothing and lyrically compelling. Intricate vocal harmonies over lilting arrangements make an otherworldly vehicle for dreamlike stories of human connection, home and heartbreak. Written across Europe and recorded In the south of France, the band’s forthcoming releases speak to a delicate nostalgia for slower days and simpler times.


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A nostalgic ballad with its face turned to the future, “Most of All” is a love letter to times, past or future, where man is freed from the weight of endless information and wasteful excess. The track’s lilting sound speaks to both the peace that resides in this utopia and the fleetingness of our opportunity to get there.


Released on International Earth Day, beneath the melodies and lyrical beauty, “Most of All” is a promise of a different approach to life in the near future.


The track is accompanied by a retro-futurist video, where Oracle Sisters play the roles of righteous (yet morally ambiguous) vigilantes ransacking an oxygen farm. With the overriding class and social division sown by the Covid-19 crisis, the video’s timeless Robin Hood narrative asks who survives, who profits and who suffers unjustly in a world where safe air is scarce?


Set in a western landscape where the sun never sets on time, the video exists in the same liminal realm as the song; drawing from the past to set a course for the future.