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Drawing inspiration from the glistening coagulation of blood, guts and cum that glues together the universe, Madge’s 2022 output is visceral, corporal, and abstract.


With a characteristic combination of sonic violence and saccharine sweetness, the A/B side of “Thumbtax” and “Psychopomp” alternately terrorizes and hypnotizes, as Madge continues to advance the pop paradigm.

Opaque, esoteric, and yet shimmering with thumping beats, towering choruses and anthemic hooks, this one-two punch is a glimmer of a longform project due this fall and showcases Madge at their genre-blurring, neck-biting best. 


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“Psychopomp”, featuring pop avant-gardist Jessica Winter wonders whether we can could ever really discard a memory, even if we wanted to... 

LINE OF BEST FIT          V MAGAZINE            PAPER           LADYGUNN           BBC RADIO 1          i-D         NOISEY                PIGEONS & PLANES           BEATS 1              MILK                    HUNGER 


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