an exploration of potential collaborations intended to enhance Kosmetika's visual direction whilst creating press worthy materials and building a global fanbase through shared promotion of art.

some of these are aesthetic references, others are conceptual. all can be pursued or discarded depending on what you like.

 xerox portraits with matt martin

This guy is based in London. The xerox technique keeps it lo-fi but adds an element of stylisation. He works a lot with landscapes and objects but would love to see what he could do with a band . There are a few practitioners of this method so we could definitely find an AUS based artist if you like the idea. I think the ones with color are best.


a cleaning manual

Playing on the idea of Pop Soap, we create an online 'cleaning manual' . It's actually a kind of Kosmetika manifesto - an online space where we aggregate Kosmetika's influences, ideas and references, it's just presented (loosely) in the style of a cleaning manual. 

make some kustom soap

we make some real pop soap and send it to everyone we know in the industry and beyond... 

it'll come with a link to the album 

some polaroids!

 a simple polaroid series would get some pics out there that feel like they were taken specifically for the pop soap project without making it feel too stylised

these could be as direct or abstract as you want

driving video for kraftneu

POV driving through every landscape, weather pattern, tunnel, whatever. just a relentless, hypnotic motion...

this would be made with crafted cuts, e.g when you exit a tunnel, turn a corner etc so it feels seamless but you keep changing environment and perspective.

lyric video for Ya Uedu   

a simple lyric video highlights this unique song on the album, tapping in to another part of the Kosmetika story in a way that continues to put the music first.