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who is Jacob manuel?

Jacob manuel is the product of many influences: 70s psychedelia, classic rock, grunge, and teenage years in suburban New Jersey.

Recorded during the lockdown era, his introspective debut EP - Mind Alters - is an exploration of the mind, because the world outside was closed. 

It sways between themes of time, love and obsession. It frequently returns to the idea of music as solace and as a means of transcending physical bodies and spaces.

The record is beguiling and elusive, as though each of its four tracks is broadcast via a radio on a distant satellite.

Who is Jacob manuel? He's been asking himself the same question. 



Release dates
Feb 9 Jacob manuel 'It Will Happen'
March Jacob manuel 'Radioman'
March 30 Jacob manuel 'mind alters EP' 
focus track: Gray


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