an exploration of potential collaborations intended to enhance Fat Trout Trailer Park's visual direction whilst creating press worthy materials and building a global fanbase through shared promotion of art.

some of these are aesthetic references, others are conceptual. all can be pursued or discarded depending on what you like. More than anything, the purpose of this page is to indicate our intention to realize a collaborative creative vision.

 xerox portraits with matt martin

This guy is based in London. The xerox technique keeps it lo-fi but adds an element of stylisation. He works a lot with landscapes and objects but would love to see what he could do with a portrait . There are a few practitioners of this method so we could definitely find an nyc based artist if you like the idea. I think the ones with color are best.


a trailer brochure 

we invite people into the FTTP world by creating a fake trailer. For this we'd hire a trailer, brand it and film/photograph it and make a sales video and brochure. this could be as literal or abstract as you like and would live online and be used for social media assets for the introduction of the project.

some polaroids!

 a simple polaroid series would get some pics out there that feel like they were taken specifically for the FTTP project without making it feel too stylised

these could be as direct or abstract as you want

a multi-part video for the EP

we create a multi-part video in celebration of the FTTP ep. This would be a deep dive into the Fat Trout universe with direct and indirect references to lyrics, song titles and the real life experiences that inspired the record... this would then be released as a short film as well as individual videos.

lyric videos with big mouth trout  

for lyric videos we animate a trout in the style of billy big mouth bass... maybe

 plan for vinyl 

we'll pursue opportunities to press vinyl aligning with demand- whether by working with a partner, crowdsourcing or furnishing a tour with merchandise. This would be intended to line up with a series of shows.