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a global compilation from 22twenty

ARRIVING 10.27.21

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EASY LISTENING: EARTH VOL. 1 is the first compilation from 22TWENTY, five handpicked tracks from around the world. 

Inviting listeners on a lightspeed lap of the earth, the project launches in Utah where Super Young Adult plays chill tribute to his companion "Sugie". 

Next stop Australia, where hyperpop prodigy Riley Hyland turns on the afterburners for the stratospheric  future jam "america!!!".

Returning to earth and Italy, Go Hawaii's gloomgaze  "Midnight Company" is an anti-gravity anthem.

Staying with the subterranean sounds, BB Brownstone lurks in a Brussels cellar, where the walls rattle with the hypnotic beat of "Broadway Junkie".

Emerging into the light, Bianca Steck's conceptual piano-driven "Gravity" soothes the wandering soul. 


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