an exploration of potential collaborations designed to inspire and evolve.  


intended to build a sense of community and a shared audience amongst progressive artists.

 an image series with lara berlyne 

lara berlyne's acute pop collages combine celebrity culture with a post-internet aesthetic.


 an image series incorporating lyrics, abstract captions or show announcements could allow both artists to share their growing online audiences

 a gif series with artist and animator Claudio Parentela 

Fast fashion. Digital overload. Pop culture trash. Claudio Parentela is channelling our era of excess into absurdist GIFs. 


His collage art blends fashion and beauty imagery with meme culture.

 a collaborative shoot with john yuyi 

John Yuyi’s work speaks to the cognitive dissonance that occurs when pursuing intensely personal (but non-physical) platforms such as Twitter and Snapchat and the lines that blur between our online and IRL identity.

A collaborative series could explore a combination of lyrics and thematic images. 

 an editorial with digital clothing brand carlings 

carlings is a digital clothing brand  that superimposes its designs onto their customers.

designed to showcase the waste that is created by the churn and burn fashion industry, all profits are donated to WaterAid. 

A full scale editorial shoot would be used as a unique press asset. 

 a beauty collaboration with @cupidsvault 

digital poltergeist @cupidsvault creates conceptual looks that re-align the notions of visual art and beauty. 

A series of collaborative images to be used as press assets. 

 an editorial with progressive nyc label ØBLANC  

ØBLANC, pairs a focus on gender fluidity with an emphasis on sustainability and repurposing garments that would otherwise be swept away by the fast-fashion system.


The resultant collections are disruptive in both concept and design, with traditional workwear materials and silhouettes re-calibrated to create a new-age utilitarianism.

 a photo series with vegan-inspired conceptual make up artist @surprisinghealthbenefits

The polar opposite of in-app editing and perfect highlighter strobing, @surprisinghealthbenefits creates DIY beauty looks inspired by their own veganism, most of them incorporating fruits and vegetables.


They also create beautiful fashions based on similar themes. Seen worn here by Kelsey Lu 

 a visual project with artist signe pierce 

documenter of an increasingly  weightless and non-physical world, signe pierce works with light and moving image to form an incisive commentary on digital culture.


 a collaborative music video could  explore both artists' understanding  of what it means to be alive and  online in 2019.