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6 tracks. a series of personal stories. life, love, family, ambition, sexuality, iconography, music friendship, future...

            ...amounting to an abstract coming of age story....


                                                  ... with weed smoking, reality tv, the internet, judgmental grandparents, listless weekends, mystical but banal local recreation spots and a bonsai tree.... 

all assembled into an interactive anime-inspired world...



I've devised a gameplay scenario to fit the narrative in each song. The interaction is more thoughtful than a platformer, letting us keep the production value on the scenes/illustration high and also use them for lyric videos for each of the songs... 

All of the individual scenes will act as single artwork, that can be put together as a comic at the EP release meanwhile, each level comes with a bespoke object/merch item... 


the gameplay model would be like BROKEN SWORD but of course a little less detailed and expansive to suit our purpose and resources. 





Dialogue tree concept. You (the player) texts a friend, choosing the right questions and answers... until they suggest a trip to the... reservoir beach...

gameplay: choose the 'right' texts to arrange the trip to the beach.  

merch: phone case




choose your activities at the beach to find the person you really want to be close to, even if it brings up questions that take courage to answer...

gameplay: find a reason to leave the group. choose an activity, during each activity there is an opportunity to leave... but you need to find a moment when everyone is looking the other way...

merch: pool slides




#3 GAY

escape from the group. be yourself. 

gameplay: navigate the swim, between the rocks, under arches, wait for schools of fish, then take a deep breath...

merch: transfer tattoos?




keep the bonsai alive

gameplay: mix the right formula of patience, water, food, light and shade for the bonsai to thrive

merch: bonsai keyring





make it work? or let it go?

gameplay: navigate the conversation to the outcome you want... 

merch: full comic



write one text.gif

handwriting appears in real time...

with pop art stickers for key lyrics...



every illustration would be divisible into multiple parts that can be used individually as GIFs/stickers/individual posts.

each main illustration would act as cover art for that particular single

game could exist as an app or online

every frame can include easter eggs, personal references, concepts and messages



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